Week 7 - 💛Willow Wednesday Women💛

Today we are featuring the wonderful Rebecca Crouch. The amazing talent behind @loveraspberryblossom. Rebecca runs the business with husband Mark and since originally answering these questions they have welcomed baby daughter Ophelia into their lives.

1) How did Raspberry Blossom come about?

I studied Graphic Design at university and have always loved designing my own cards for friends and family and I am also a big fan of stationery. I bought the domain name after university, however I began a career as a designer in marketing agencies in Birmingham and then London. It was only when I turned 30 that I thought I still pay each year for a domain and if I don’t set up my business now then will I ever do it!

I booked the Spring Fair trade fair in 2014 and began to design my first 8 collections during evenings and weekends. Having a set date that my products would be showcased gave me a deadline and helped me concentrate. We held a party for our friends in London to help with feedback on our products, which was great fun and very productive. Mark and I booked some days off work and we headed to set up our first show in February. I still remember the excitement of getting our first order, the thrill of people buying our products never goes away! In late 2016 I took the plunge and left my marketing career to push Raspberry Blossom even further. Then on Mark’s 30th in January 2017 he quit his job in marketing and officially joined the team. It’s the best decision we have made. It’s not easy running our own business and always working with now husband! But the joy of doing something we love is the best job.

2) As a kid, what did you want to be when you were older?

I’ve always loved art and drawing. As a child I used to create full miniature scenes from Fymo and always have a little pack of pencils and notebook with me. I loved drawing everything mini and precise, my mum says I would draw little women with hats, high heels and a fancy bag and they would fit in between a line on a A4 lined page! I’ve always wanted to do something creative.

3) Who is your inspiration?

Definitely my mum and dad. They ran a jewellery manufacturing company for over 30 years. It taught me to follow my dreams and be my own boss.

4) What would be your most amazing adventure to go on? Both me and Mark were very fortunate to go on an incredible adventure for our Honeymoon last year, a trip to South Africa where we got to experience so many incredible things. The country is so beautiful and so diverse, from fancy dinners in the city, to picnics up mountains, gorgeous wineries and seeing the incredible wildlife on Safari. It was definitely a trip of a lifetime. We would both love to head to Japan one day for the immense cultural differences and a complete visual overload.

5) What's you favourite song? When I first met Mark he will say my taste in music was not great! I think one of my fave songs is ’Sunset Lover’ by Petit Biscuit. It’s chilled and takes me away to a sunny place. The song features on our wedding video and we went to see him perform last year and was a fantastic night.

6) Who would play you in a movie? I’ve been told I look like either Heather Graham or Uma Thurman.

7) What's the best thing about owning your own company? The best thing is we get to do what we love. We get to come up with ideas, draw them and see them on products that people buy. Raspberry Blossom’s mantra is to spread a little joy, and we get to live a

little joy everyday. Running a business is definitely not easy but if you love what you do, then it will be the best job ever! 

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