Willow Wednesday Women

Every Wednesday I'm going to give a shout out to female-led businesses I love and inspire me and have all in some way made my business what it is today. X

First up is the super-talented and all round lovely Vikki from Snappy Crocodile Designs based in Aberdeenshire.

1) How did Snappy Crocodile come about? ​I began making my own greeting cards when me and my family were living in Libya, there were none there to buy so it was a case of needs must, I've always had a good sense of humour so the ideas came naturally, the business evolved from there to where I am today!

2) As a kid, what did you want to be when you were older? ​I wanted to work in a hotel, which I did until I met my husband and moved to Scotland, we then relocated to the USA and then on to North Africa, we've been back in Scotland 7 years now and I've ran Snappy Crocodile Designs since coming back. I also have a secret wish to own a bridal wear shop but I think that's because I want to try on all of the dresses!

3) Who is your inspiration? ​I don't really draw from a single person, I have many people who I admire, mostly other small business owners. I think it's an amazing thing to be doing it for yourself and love to read blogs from established small businesses and newer ones, it's great to read about people's journeys and see how they evolve as a business and as a person. At the minute I'm loving Lauren Aston's blog, very funny but informative too.

4) What would be your most amazing adventure to go on? ​In my head I'd love to go trekking in Peru...but I don't really like exercise and I'm scared of bugs, even ones that can't kill you so that's kind of out really. I'm kind of enjoying the journey I'm on now, just life, being my own boss, being mum, being a wife, there's never 2 days the same and even though I'm knackered at the end of the day, I'm happy too.

5) What's your favourite song? This one's tough, I enjoy a wide range of music but my all time fave song has to be At Last by Etta James and I can sing it just like her in my head.

6)Who would play you in a movie? Drew Barrymore - she's funny, quirky, keeps it real and my husband fancies the pants off her!

7) What advice would you give your younger self? Do the thing - whatever it is, don't worry about what might be and quit worrying what other people think, you're not going to care when you're older!

Give Vikki a follow on instagram @snappycrocodiledesigns

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