Week 3 - Willow Wednesday Women

💛Willow Wednesday Women💛

This week is the lovely Joelle Kirkpatrick from Leith-based card and print company @weebluecoo.

1) How did Wee Blue Coo come about?

In its earliest guise the company formed 12 years ago when my husband, Bob and I were both made redundant from the same company. I was pregnant with our eldest, we’d just bought a flat and it was the start of the recession, so not a great time to be unemployed!  Bob had the idea of selling posters on eBay (I told him to get a proper job, he ignored me) and the business has just grown and evolved from there. We re-branded as Wee Blue Coo in 2012 as I wanted to convey that we’re a Scottish business and think our name does that nicely.

2) As a kid, what did you want to be when you were older?

I don’t remember ever wanting to be any single profession, it always changed. I can remember wanting to be everything from a hairdresser, to a dentist, a social worker and at one point a superstar DJ! 😂

3) Who is your inspiration?

So many people inspire me on a daily basis.  My biggest inspiration comes from my two girls, Maisie & Mia. I know I wouldn’t have pushed as hard to progress the business if it wasn’t for them. 

4) What would be your most amazing adventure to go on?

I love travelling.  If money was no object I’d just keep sticking in a pin in map and go and explore everywhere!

5) What's your favourite song?

Such a tricky one to answer as I have loads. I Am The Resurrection by The Stone Roses is a brilliant song and evokes memories of good times with good friends.

6) Who would play you in a movie?

Haha! It’d have to be Amy Schumer. I’m not as funny as she is but she’d portray my calamitous nature pretty well I think.

7)  What's the best thing about owning your own company?

My work family. They are such an eclectic mix of talented, genuine and funny people. I have learned so much more from the people I work with than from anything else I’ve ever done and I’m very thankful for that. There’s 29 of us now so it’s a big blend of personalities but they all bring something unique and essential to the mix that makes it work.

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